Debut Single, 'Heaven', Reviews

"Cleveland’s Chestertons have dropped a new jam, 'Heaven,' from their forthcoming EP.  The song begins with an ambient arena rock guitar build that recalls bands like U2 and Angels & Airwaves.  However, as soon as Kevin Bianchi’s beautiful vocal kicks in, you know that you’re listening to something distinctive and different.  The song shifts into a driving and memorable chorus that asks: “Do you know what it’s like to be recklessly loved? 'Heaven' is accessible and likeable on the first the listen.  If the Chestertons keep up this kind of momentum on the rest of the EP, we’re all in for a treat." - Dan Miraldi, The Rolling Clone Blogazine
"It's easy to like the Chestertons... these guys do things right. Inspired, well-crafted songs that hit a perfect balance of edge, ambience and power. Their new single 'Heaven' is proof of point. It paints an amazing soundscape for Kevin Bianchi's thoughtful lyrics and emotive voice, with a dynamic delivery that both soothes and inspires. This latest single captures the intimate energy that makes the Chestertons live shows so great. If this is any indication of the album that's on the way, then it will be a force with which to be reckoned."-Jerry Popiel, Musician
"Powerful melodies instantly grab you with a mystical feel. A relaxing and dreamy wave of harmonies crash through your mind. And the smooth and soothing voice of the lead singer lead your heart and soul to an peaceful place. Aptly named, 'Heaven' will take you there." - Lisa Ptacek Eaton, Poet
"Beautifully orchestrated atmospheric rock. Full, smooth, strong vocals propel you through this earnest and emotional song." - Jeanette Sangston, Directer at SoFar Sounds - Cleveland
"The Chestertons have re-emerged onto the local music scene this year, bringing their guitar based sound and contempletive lyrics to light up venues all over the Cleveland area. Their first studio single 'Heaven' has been released, and as with most great things, it was well worth the wait. The attention to detail from the very first few poignant guitar chords, through the carefully constructed compostion,'Heaven' takes you on a musical journey. Immersed in multi-layers of sound, and emotive vocals, its message will resonate with you long after the final drum beat fades out." - CJB